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Hotel & Spa Veracruz Plaza
In Hotel & Spa Veracruz Plaza we offer a complete Spa, a space dedicated to relaxation where you will find specific programs that combine personalized exercise, beauty treatments and hydrotherapy, all of them combined with the advice of our staff.

In our relaxation center you will also find heated pools with mini-waterfalls, cervical jet massage stations at different heights, steam bath, dream shower, cyclonic shower, underwater cyclone, aquatic corridor, all complete with horizontal and vertical solariums, gym and a steam room. We also offer a wide selection of anti-stress, weight loss programs, aesthetic maintenance and wine and chocolate therapy, among other therapies.

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Information: our spa is not suitable for reduced mobility people.

  Spa schedule for days 24, 25, 31 December and the first of January:

  12/31/18: From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
01/01/19: From 10:00 to 2 p.m. Afternoon "Closed"

  12/24/18: From 10 am to 2 pm. and Afternoon "Closed"
12/25/18: Closed
Facial hygiene : highlight the natural beauty of your skin with an exfoliating scrub, a luxurious massage, an ampoule, a customized mask. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 51

Facial moisturizing with collagen veil : treatment with a veil of collagen that helps repair and protect the skin, providing softness and radiance. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 62

For men : exclusive treatment for men that will help you relax and get a healthier appearance. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 51

Anti-aging "expression lines" : innovative treatment inspired in cosmetic surgery that enhances and corrects lines and wrinkles of age. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 70

Revitalizing treatment with vitamin C. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 66

Oxygen treatment. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 66

Moisturizing deluxe : includes an exfoliating massage oils enriched with moisturizing oils and a massage with moisturizing milk. Duration: 50 minutes. Price: € 65

Tired Legs : the perfect treatment to remove the heaviness of the legs. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 63

Aroma Massage : aromatherapy massage and a mixture of warm natural essential oils to relax physically, mentally and emotionally. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50

Sports massage : perfect for sportsmen, this massage relaxes muscles, relieves muscle tension areas and provides vitality and energy. Duration: 45 minutes. Price: € 60

Lymphatic drainage : slow movement based massage that helps eliminate the feeling of tired legs, favoring the loss of fluids. Duration: 45 minutes. Price: € 66

Thalasso mud massage : a special treatment that combines the benefits of massage with the benefits of marine mud. Duration: 50 minutes. Price: € 60

Candle massage . Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 70


Bath eith red grape : an anti-aging and nourishing bath that helps you release stress and restore balance in the most natural way. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50

Bath with essential oils : enjoying a delicious custom bath with relaxing, revitalizing and moisturizing essential oils. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50

Silk skin bath: test sample of milk mousse, perfect to hydrate and nourish the skin deep. This is a luxurious experience for those wishing to be radiant in a single session. Duration: 70 minutes. Price: € 50

Moon bath . Duration: 50 minutes. Price: € 64

Seaweed bath . Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50

Balancing bath . Duration: 20 minutes. Price: 34 €

Vanilla bath . Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50


Citro-exfoliation Vichy : an exclusive treatment which beautifies the body and mind relax. An orange peel extract, will leave your skin soft and velvety. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 66

Sensitive massage : a delicious nourishing massage with essential oils under the Vichy shower that will free your body of accumulated tensions. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 66

THERMAL CIRCUIT Full Circuit : includes the use of underwater hydromassage beds, Turkish bath, sauna, ice fountain, water corridor, cyclonic shower, dream shower and hot tubs at different temperatures. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: 31 €

Basic Circuit : includes use of sauna, steam room, ice fountain, water corridor and whirlpools at different temperatures. Duration: 30 minutes. Price: € 16




Hair salon

Oriental Therapies

Shi-Zen Spa : massage in which pressure points are applied to restore the flow of energy through the body and relax the body. Duration: 45 minutes. Price: € 66

Holistic massage obsidian : this luxurious hot stone massage with essential oils relieves tension and fatigue, leaving a balanced body and mind. A gift for our senses. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 85

Holistic Thai ritual : delicious and unique massage with energy tweezers. Duration: 45 minutes. Price: € 70

Therapies deluxe to the rhythm of the universe

Spa therapy gold : energy and vitality to your skin . Treatment that provides brightness and radiance to the skin. A real cure that prevents skin aging. Duration: 50 minutes. Price: € 68

Spa therapy pearl : serenity and relaxation at its best . Exquisite and innovative therapy that provides hydration and nutrition to the skin. Glamour and sophistication at your fingertips. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 80

Hair salon
Hair salon schedule

Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00

Closed Sunday and Monday

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Choco therapy Spa: "Sweet treat that refines contours" body treatment that includes a delicious cocoa exfoliation and massage, followed by a melting chocolate wrap that nourishes your skin and reshapes the body. Duration: 60 minutes Price: € 70

Wine therapy Spa: "Bright and youth for your skin" . Antioxidant treatment that includes a wrap with red grape, grape bath and a massage with oil that incorporates grapeseed. Rejuvenate your body in the most relaxing way and indulge yourself in the aromas of this innovative treatment. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 70

Coffee therapy Spa: "The perfect figure" . Innovative treatment based on roasted coffee which reaffirms, refines and reshapes body shape. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: 70 €


Honeymoon Program

Hydrotherapy circuit with Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpool, cyclonic shower, ice fountain and dream shower.

For her: "Holistic massage obsidian" . This luxurious massage with hot stones and essential oils relieves stress and fatigue leaving balancing the body and mind. A gift for your senses.

For him: "Sanse massage Vichy" . Delicious nourishing massage with essential oils under the Vichy shower that will free your body from the accumulated tensions.