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Moisturizing deluxe : includes an exfoliating massage oils enriched with moisturizing oils and a massage with moisturizing milk. Duration: 50 minutes. Price: € 65

Tired Legs : the perfect treatment to remove the heaviness of the legs. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 63

Aroma Massage : aromatherapy massage and a mixture of warm natural essential oils to relax physically, mentally and emotionally. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50

Sports massage : perfect for sportsmen, this massage relaxes muscles, relieves muscle tension areas and provides vitality and energy. Duration: 45 minutes. Price: € 60

Lymphatic drainage : slow movement based massage that helps eliminate the feeling of tired legs, favoring the loss of fluids. Duration: 45 minutes. Price: € 66

Thalasso mud massage : a special treatment that combines the benefits of massage with the benefits of marine mud. Duration: 50 minutes. Price: € 60

Candle massage . Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 70


Bath eith red grape : an anti-aging and nourishing bath that helps you release stress and restore balance in the most natural way. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50

Bath with essential oils : enjoying a delicious custom bath with relaxing, revitalizing and moisturizing essential oils. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50

Silk skin bath: test sample of milk mousse, perfect to hydrate and nourish the skin deep. This is a luxurious experience for those wishing to be radiant in a single session. Duration: 70 minutes. Price: € 50

Moon bath . Duration: 50 minutes. Price: € 64

Seaweed bath . Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50

Balancing bath . Duration: 20 minutes. Price: 34 €

Vanilla bath . Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 50


Citro-exfoliation Vichy : an exclusive treatment which beautifies the body and mind relax. An orange peel extract, will leave your skin soft and velvety. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 66

Sensitive massage : a delicious nourishing massage with essential oils under the Vichy shower that will free your body of accumulated tensions. Duration: 40 minutes. Price: € 66

THERMAL CIRCUIT Full Circuit : includes the use of underwater hydromassage beds, Turkish bath, sauna, ice fountain, water corridor, cyclonic shower, dream shower and hot tubs at different temperatures. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: 31 €

Basic Circuit : includes use of sauna, steam room, ice fountain, water corridor and whirlpools at different temperatures. Duration: 30 minutes. Price: € 16




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